Leaving many injured forty six people killed in China earthquake

India offered its condolences over the death during the China earthquake.

Yesterday on 5th of September 2022 evening an earthquake shook China which was carrying a 6.8 magnitude. The jolt killed around forty six people in the east Asian country.

The earthquake toll has risen up to 46 with many being injured and unspotted too. India forgetting Chinese provocations on the border, offered its condolences.

The jolting earthquake appeared on the southern Chinese state Sichuan hitting approximately twenty six miles (forty three kilometers) southeast of the city of Kangding in the province.

The lives lost in the strong earthquake compelled Chinese Premiere Xi Jinping to order all-out rescue efforts so that casualties can be minimized.

The remote region felt Violent tremors damaging homes around which are already shaken by Corona Virus. Following the strong earthquake striking the south western China, heartfelt condolences were offered by the Indian Embassy.

This is the third natural disaster this year including the Covid-19 attack and on-going drought. This time during the earthquake Luding County located in China’s southwest Sichuan province was badly jolted. The people here already facing dire situation with an unprecedented drought along with rising number of Covid-19 cases.