Liz Truss : The British is the new British Prime Minister

The speculations in the political circles proved right and Rishi Sunak has to accept the hard British reality.

Liz Truss is new Prime Minister Britain has chosen becoming the country’s third female prime minister after finally winning in the Tory leadership race. She is going to replace Boris Johnson, who had to step down paying for multiple number of scandals.

The long awaited national contest witnessed Truss defeating the rival Rishi Sunak with a margin of around twenty one thousand votes. Rishi Sunak must be thanking his fat while saying thanks to the British voters.

Truss’ 81,326 votes were far ahead of Sunak’s 60,399 while with the result today, she will take over as the prime minister tomorrow on the historical Sunday of September 2022.

The immediate challenge of easing the cost-of-living crisis for British households across England, was the big point which made the big difference.

The new PM will also extend her gratitude towards Britain’s Conservative Party members who chose the hawkish foreign secretary, Mr Sunak against her for the top job. Ms. Truss will also not mince words thanking  every one for the active support with the votes.

Now the Indian origin leader Rishi Sunak will be looking forward for another attempt after four year s in the next poll. The only achievement of the former chancellor of the Exchequer is that now he is the second topmost leader in Britan.