‘Musk’y relations to the nations : ‘Interesting’, says Biden

Elon Musk’s connections with other countries is “worthy of being Looked at”, says Joe Biden.

The complete compliment kinda statement of Jo Biden says, “I guess  that Elon Musk’s cooperation or technical relationships with other nations is worthy of beholding at,” Joe Biden said

There was a shocking question for and about the richest tycoon of the world. Biden was responding to this question about whether the President thinks Elon Musk is a threat to America’s national security.

Lately Joe Biden opined upon Elon Musk’s ties with foreign countries saying it is “worthy” of scrutiny. The question was over the Saudi acquisition of a stake in the social media platform Twitter as part of Alon Musk’s blockbuster takeover.

“I assume, Elon Musk’s cooperation and / or relationship on technical grounds with various countries is worth looking at,” after a long pause Biden replied to media.

Biden made it clear what he intended to say saying, ”Whether or not he is busy doing anything appropriate or inappropriate, I am not insinuating that… That is all I would like to say,” he said.

Last month there were reports suggesting that the Biden administration was about to weigh a national security review with Musk’s forty for billion dollars takeover of Twitter, in part for a key group of investors were backing the buyout.