New UK PM: The race favours Liz Truss to the top chair while Rishi shines less brighter  

London. The United Kingdom people are ready to welcome their new Prime Minister. After Boris Johnson now the next name seems to be appearing is Liz Truss.

Enjoying support over the opponent Rishi Sunak In polling,  Liz Truss apparently is all set to become UK PM. Two days are most significant in deciding the fat of the once mighty England – Friday and Monday.

On the Friday 02 September 2022 today the voting process will be over by the evening but on the Monday 04 September 2022 world will come to know the name of the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Boris Johnson has all his support to his own candidate and he probably is going to heave a sigh of relief after two days.

The political and poll contest between the foreign secretary against former chancellor Rishi Sunak is ending today with its due announcement on the coming Monday.

The heavy weight contest witnessed a hectic nationwide tour, a dozen hosting along  with three televised debates. Fortunately for Liz Truss, she kept appearing poised to take over as the next UK prime minister so far. Now today is the day when the voting by Conservative party members close and the historical Monday will be awaited.