Inhuman Iran faces American indignance for crackdown against protesters

The American expression says the human rights violation should never be pardoned

An enraged America didn’t hide its anger targeting Iran again. Imposing costs on Iran is the US expression for the crackdown against peaceful protesters.

Joe Biden announces that America will continue holding Iranian officials accountable to stop Iranians protesting freely.  Supporting the rights of Iranians to protest freely is expected in the civil world society, says Biden in a statement.

The US President is going to impose costs on Iran against perpetration  on peaceful protesters. Death of woman in the custody of the morality police has enraged people coming out with staging protest has attracted state wrath on them.

the country witnessing protests over the death of a woman in the custody of the morality police.

This is what made the American President, Joe Biden make the statement of imposing costs on Iran again.  He also revealed that the US is supporting the Iranians making it easier for them to access the internet.

The United States clearly holds Iranian officials and entities accountable for the violence on the protesters. Addressing them as the ‘morality’ police, it finds them responsible for employing  atrocities in a bid to suppress civil society.

The statement issued from the White House on the issue clarifies what Jo Biden thinks on it. He states -“I am gravely concerned on what our reports say about the intensifying violent crackdown on peaceful people in Iran who are out on streets protesting. This also includes  students and women, demanding basic human dignity and equal rights.”

The US president also talked about the the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, referring that he says, Iranian people call for just and universal principles, which underpin the human rights as declared in the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As per the American national statement, Iran’s regime has always been denying fundamental liberty to the people and it keeps suppressing the aspirations of successive generations, which will always be opposed by the US.