Spirit of cricket can go to hell, says Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya responds strongly  in regard with run out at non-striker's end, considering the game as a game to the fullest

Not mincing words about something he does not like, Hardik Pandya says -‘To hell with ‘Spirit of the Game’.

The Team India all-rounder responds strongly  in regard with run out at non-striker’s end. He clearly sees the game as a game to the fullest.

Hardik Pandya​ has stood in support of run-out at non-striker’s end clearly going against the narrative ‘spirit of cricket’, saying it can go to hell. He loud and clear says if it conflicts with the laws of the game, it is of no use.

Now a days the non-striker run out has come out as a topic of big cricket debate after the incident of Team Women India where Deepti Sharma was seen during their last match, catching England all-rounder Charlie Dean short of her crease.

Apparently sounding clear with his thought, Pandya holds that Spirit of Cricket should not come in between the dismissing of the batters short of crease during the delivery stride.

The topic of huge debate belongs to September 24 cricket match incident when Indian all-rounder Deepti Sharma her sent her England counterpart Charlie Dean to the pavilion. Dean was short of her crease during the final one dayer between India and England and at Lord’s ground in the UK.