The Censor Board Edits These Content From “Bheed,” Swara Bhaskar Reacts

The film Bheed, starring Rajkumar and Bhumi, is subject to 13 edits from the censor board. Find out all the reasons behind the changes here.


The social drama “Bheed,” starring Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao in the lead roles, was released yesterday. However, before the movie even opened in theatres, it caused controversy. The trailer hinted at a realistic depiction of the nationwide lockdown that was announced in March 2020. It was set during the events of COVID-19. Within a week, the first trailer was taken down due to intense criticism and backlash. A second trailer with alterations was released a few days later on official channels.

Censor Board on Bheed

According to reports, the Bheed film, directed by Anubhav Sinha, underwent 13 revisions from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). On social media, the details of the edits are currently available.

Have a look

       CBFC censored the following scenes in Bheed

  1. Throughout the movie, several vulgar words are deleted, including in the subtitles.
  2. Reduction of intimate sequences
  3. Modifications and deletions to terms like “Red Indians,” “Puraan/Mahapuraan,” and others
  4. Elimination of all PM Modi-related speeches and references, both direct and indirect.
  5. Removal of caste-related references from the subtitles.
  6. Deletion to “Tablighi Jamaat”; It was determined that their religious congregation was to blame for the spread of coronavirus cases.
  7. Modification of all movie statistics references
  8. Elimination of the comparison between the lockdown’s difficulties for migrant workers and India’s partition
  9. Removal of the dialogue that draws parallels between Dhrutrashtra and Indian society, accompanied by images and subtitles.
  10. In a conversation about a hospital, the word “Afwaah” is used in place of “Lollipop.” Moreover, from the subtitles
  11. Muting the word “Jihad” from “Corona Jihad…”‘s dialogue and sub-title.
  12. Changes in the disclaimer of the film.
  13. Reduction in scenes of police brutality against migrant workers.

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Swara Bhaskar reaction

Actress tweeted, “Nothing stings like facts.. In India we have a new affliction : Allergy to facts. #bheed #censorship.”

Despite the fact that these scenes were removed, the movie only made 15 lakh on its first day. It will be crucial to determine whether the movie will earn more this weekend..