Delhi MCD Polls 2022: Forty Five percent polling till 4pm

Delhi MCD Elections polling has no new energetic poll update. By the evening till 4pm around 45 percent polling was seen in the Capital.

Whereas allegations versus counter-allegations drama continues between the BJP and AAP, polling was not to enthusiastically done in Delhi which shows the general reluctance of the people in the Capital towards exercising their constitutional right.

The city which has more than 1 crore forty five lakh denizens, has not even seen taking half of its interest in the MCD polls and less than fifty percent of the people have come out for voting.

All 250 wards of Delhi Municipal Corporation during its election today  witnessed the start of voting at eight in the morning, which is going to  continue till 5.30 in the evening.

Looking at the political contest, there is a triangular contest existing between the Aam Aadmi Party, the BJP along with the Congress in this election. More than 1.45 crore voters living in Delhi are supposed to be exercising their constitutional right of voting in this election. A total of 1,349 candidates are in the fray in this election. The results of the MCD polls will be public on December 7.

Delhi also has 229 voters who are above 100 years of age, while the number of voters between 80 and 100 years is around two lakh. At the same time, the number of youth who cast their vote for the first time, is around ninety five thousand. Significantly a large number of women are reaching the polling booth since morning to cast their vote.

After casting his vote in MCD election, Congress leader Ajay Maken said that this election is an election which is about streets, garbage, drains and cleanliness. ‘I think the candidates of Congress party are the best. Last time we succeeded in getting 24% votes and won 31 seats also. In 2019 also we garnered around 22-23% votes,’ Makan added.

At the same time, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia says, ‘1.5 crore people will elect their government for the corporation. The work of the MCD is to clean the garbage of Delhi, to give licenses to traders honestly, to construct streets and to clean the parks. You should cast your vote thinking that you are voting to keep Delhi clean.’