PM Modi’s Retort In Parliament After Rahul Gandhi’s Statement

Rahul Gandhi also made a direct attack on PM Modi..

PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi in parliament

PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi in parliament

During the budget session, a fight broke out in both Houses of Parliament regarding the Gautam Adani-Hindenburg matter. The opposition is constantly engaged in besieging the government on Adani’s issue.

During the proceedings of the House on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi made several allegations against the central government on the issue of Gautam Adani. After this, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to speak in the House today, 8 February 2023, BJP MPs started with the slogan of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in the Lok Sabha.

The PM participated in the discussion in the Lok Sabha. He first congratulated the President at the beginning of his address and said that we have guided crores of countrymen in a visionary speech.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi without naming him. He said, “Yesterday some people were jumping, some people were speaking and the whole ecosystem was jumping. He must have had a good sleep yesterday and might not have been able to wake up today”.

Targeting the opposition, the PM said that during the President’s address, some people were cut off. A big leader has even insulted him. Due to this the hatred towards the tribal community and what is their think about them has also been seen. When such things were said on TV, the feeling of hatred inside came out.

Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Modi in Adani case

Rahul Gandhi also made a direct attack on PM Modi. He had said that Gautam Adani was number 609 on the list of the world’s rich in 2014. Don’t know what magic happened in a few years, Adani came second on this list. Congress MPs raised slogans on this, ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’.

Rahul further said that the country should know what is the power behind Adani. He said, “Modi ji will try his best to avoid the discussion on Adani ji in the Parliament”. You know the reason for this, he added.

Mr. Gandhi said, “I want that the issue of Adani should be discussed and the truth should come out”. “The corruption worth lakhs of crores that have happened should come to the fore”, he added.

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