Shame on you! : Senior official chides school girl upon her request for sanitary pad

This is Modi’s India where we have thoughtstreem for the girl-child with Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. And in the same India we see a senior Bihar official rebuking girl student who helplessly asked for sanitary pad.

It is a BIG SHAME! See what the official says to her – ‘‘You may also ask government to provide Nirodh (condom) tomorrow!’’ This is a recorded account of the story with an unfortunate seen in Indian state of Bihar.

This was a woman officer who is being heard saying such things shamelessly in a video.

As per the incident when a girl student out of keenness asked a senior official why the the government does not provide sanitary pads to girl students. This followed with the reply by the senior female official.

The girl student was rebuked by the official with these words, “You are going to have a family tomorrow then you would expect government to provide you with Nirodh (condom) too.”

Then what happened next is this video got viral and people across India are feeling abominable about it. Purportedly the video belongs to Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Harjot Kaur Bamhrah who allegedly is seen and heard in it whil responding to the girl student. Now the social media is carrying it with a demand of the punishment against the allegedly involved government official.