A Party For People’s Democracy And freedom of Speech : Democratic Azad Party

On Monday Former senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad announced the name of his new party as “Democratic Azad Party “ also unveiled a three-coloured secular flag.

Azad who disassociated himself from the Congress and resigned recently during a press conference in Jammu said that he wanted to announce the name on the first Navratri “as it is an auspicious day”.

Surrounded by several senior J&K leaders who also resigned from the Congress, Azad said that he received a list of over 1,500 names from party workers and leaders but he wanted a name that could be understood by people of all cultures and religions.

“We got 1,500 names from across India. Some in Urdu as well as some in Sanskrit, But we wanted a name in Hindustani that could be understood by all after which this name was decided” said Azad.

He said that he also wanted democracy, peace and an independent name. “It should be independent from ideology.  Opposition has alleged that Azad was working in tandem with the BJP after his resignation from the Congress.

“There will be no discrimination in the party. There will be no influence of religion and caste. People from different religions will join our party,” Azad announced.

Upon describing about the three colours  in the party flag, Azad said that mustard means creativity, blue depth of ideas and independence and white peace. The leader said walls that have been created among different communities in Jammu and Kashmir that needs to be brought down.