Did Putin’s agents hack Liz Truss’s phone?

The report says so. As per this revelation former British PM Liz Truss’s Phone was hacked and it was done by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agents.

Not only this, through this hacking act they  gained access to Truss’s private messages and in addition to that the agents also came to know “top-secret details” of UK negotiations which were about the international allies.

Though after leaving PM office last week, Liz Truss was succeeded by Rishi Sunak, since then she keeps mum about everything political or non-political. There are responses being awaited from the former and current Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

It was Truss’ personal phone which was hacked by suspected agents who are supposedly working for Vladimir Putin. And this happened when Liz was UK foreign minister, as reported by the British media.

In accordance with this report, the agents came to know the “top-secret details” of negotiations done with United Kingdom’s international allies. Her private messages which she exchanged with her close friends particularly with Kwasi Kwarteng, who became British finance minister later on.

There are also speculations about the hacking of the messages which had details about arms shipments including the discussions with international foreign ministers over the Ukraine war.