Pakie defeat roots for India to final four phase

T20 World Cup scenarios keep changing shocking a few and mesmerising all. Now Pakistan is being witnessed rooting for India to stay alive.

Babar Azam eleven are still in contention for a spot in the semi-finals, however they now are dependent upon other results to go their way on.

Looking at the scene in the Group-2 in the World Cup, the teams just have played two matches each. The story still goes on with uncertainty where upsets can be seen by some dark horses as well as rain is also in the air. A lot of situations are at stake during each and every match coming up.

Looking at how the teams stack up in the race towards the two semi-final spots, India has double the chances than the Pakistan.

Talk about Pakistan with two points going to play three matches against Netherlands, South Africa and Bangladesh where two matches look easy for the squad but one with the SA can change its prospect drastically.

Suffering two last ball defeats Pakistan where their net run rate hasn’t been dented much, they have a no-show so far in the points column. For still finishing among the top two they have to be desperate to win their remaining three games for earning six final points.