Biden-Party to a majority in American polity

United States President Joe Biden’s party witnesses retaining control of the American Senate. Good for Biden with a remarkable midterms election result that defied predictions of a Republican win over both houses of Congress.

In America anti-incumbency is a political tradition as a delivery with a rejection of the party in power by the voters. And when there is inflation surging with Biden’s popularity in question, Republican Party was expecting to ride a huge “red wave” with the dreams of capturing the the House of Representatives and the Senate.

But the waves did not show much more than a ripple and on 12th of November the  US networks in Nevada called the key Senate race for Catherine Cortez Masto, the Democrat incumbent.

Now it is doing the needful with giving the party the fifty seats it required for an effective majority.

In case, the upper chamber is evenly split between fifty fifty, the win would favour Democratic control in the Senate with Kamla Harris, as Vice President might cast the tie-breaking vote.

In Phnom Penh, addressing a meeting of Southeast Asian leaders, Biden reacted with positive cord over the result, “I feel good and I look forward to the years to come which is not too far.”

Still the scenario sees one Senate race remaining up in the air — Georgia is going to witness another runoff set for December 6, the coming month which can help the Democrats reaching to their majority.