A space going Jeff Bezos steps down from the top Amazon chair

Stepping down as CEO , Bezos will now concentrate over his next mission to go into space.

Today the biggest buzz in the world of tycoons is pleasant news for astronomy world. The Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is about to step down as CEO with the intention to concentrate over his next mission to go into space.

Today is the last day as the CEO for Bezos as Amazon founder was scheduled to resign on 29th of September 2022. He will be followed by Andy Jassy, the new Amazon CEO.

The date of taking over by Andy Jassy is next week from July 5. Jeff Bezos, himself gave information about this prime change. Nevertheless, Jeff Bezos as the executive chairman of the Amazon Board, will do many other things for Amazon.

The 57-year-old Jassy will take over the company after Jeff Bezos as the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS). After running the company cloud for last twenty years, now he is going to be responsible for the top job.

The Amazon executive chairman has all the time for focusing on many other tasks now. As per the information shared by him, Jeff Bezos is going to go into space. This is what made him spend several billion dollars in Blue Origin to promote space tourism and infrastructure. This has been media headlines for a long time.

Therefore now the new journey of preparation for Bezos begins here preparing for going into space from space capsules New Shepard Blue Origin.