Kohli Vs Virat goes red: Fan murdered the other fan

The healthy contest goes unhealthy when a fan does something like this

The shocking news shows the western trend now in India too. The fan goes furious on the other fan who adores someone else.

Though there is no such rivalry between the new captain and the old captain of Team India, still the fans have blind emotions for the one they love. And the same happened in Tamil Nadu.
Here people witnessed the frenzy in idealizing someone most loved as a fan. One of the Virat Kohli’s fan stabbed Rohit Sharma’s fan to death.

Following a heated argument one twenty one year old person could not control his emotions and out of the heat of the moment killed the other fan adoring the other cricket star.

The fan got killed was supporting Rohit Sharma whereas the killer belongs to the hard-core fan following of Virat Kohli. The bloody incident started with the two fans indulging in a debate over who is a better cricketer – Virat or Rohit?

Cricket is India’s love and the fact is popular worldwide. Cricket having a huge fan following in the country has involved so much emotion so that a scary situation of this kind can also transpire some day.

The cricket mesmerism effects people too much out of which some fans could not stop supporting  some of their favorite players too blindly. And this is where sometime happens a wrongdoing happens sometimes as has happened in Tamilnadu’s in Ariyalur district.

The accused as the center figure of this shocking real life story has been arrested at Poyyur village in Ariyalur district