Mehrauli Woods A Disposal Ground: Delhi Live-in Murder

A guy murdered his live-in spouse, dismembered her body into 35 parts, and scattered the fragments over the city for 18 days close to the Mehrauli woodland region.

Police have named the suspect as Aftab Poonawalla, who they say killed his live-in lover Shraddha Walkar while she was constantly proposing to him for marriage.

Aftab has been detained by the police for 5 days after being arrested.

On May 18, 2022, the accused Aftab and Shraddha had a disagreement. Shraddha was yelling throughout the argument, so Aftab put his hands into her face in an attempt to stop her and ensure their neighbors wouldn’t hear. As a result, Shraddha choked to death.


Aftab used a saw to cut off 35 pieces of her corpse, which he then scattered about the city for 18 days in an effort to conceal the atrocity he had done.

The accused apparently purchased a large refrigerator to keep her body parts fresh for 18 days. Every night about two in the morning, Aftab would travel to Mehrauli to dispose of body parts in the surrounding forest.

Shraddha and Aftab used to work together at the same Mumbai contact center, but the girl’s parents disapproved of their connection. They arrived in Delhi and immediately began cohabitating in a rented house.

Shraddha routinely posted pictures of herself on Facebook so that her family could see her. Her family began to wonder why she hadn’t posted anything on Facebook in a few days.

Around five months ago, her father paid a visit to Delhi and went to the residence where his daughter was living with her live-in lover. When her father arrived, he discovered the location to be locked, so he filed a missing person report.

Five months after the police began their investigation, the accused was taken into custody.

Police sources claim that the accused was under constant pressure from Shraddha to get married, and as a result of this pressure, he killed her.

“A man and a woman had arrived from Mumbai. The woman’s father in Mumbai discovered she was gone a few days after they arrived here. He reported her disappearance to Mumbai Police. Her last known whereabouts was Delhi “Ankit Chauhan, Addl DCP-I, South District, Delhi, was notified.

“We immediately launched legal proceedings after they arrived at Mehrauli police station. They both had private employment in Mumbai, and the male had recently begun working here. Aftab Poonawalla has been identified. They met on a dating platform, were in a live-in relationship in Mumbai, and then moved here “The officer stated.

“They used to fight a lot, and it used to get out of hand.” In this case, the man lost his anger and killed her in May of this year. He informed us he hacked her up and disposed of her parts in adjacent regions. He was taken into custody.