Konkana Sen Sharma Birthday special: Revisiting Wake Up Sid’s Aisha

Konkana Sen Sharma, daughter of Art House Cinema actor and filmmaker Aparna Sen celebrates a new birth year today.

The Bengali intellectual has been seen in art house cinema films as well as masala films while having kept her identity as an intelligent girl intact.

Even in the Bollywood gal avatar in films like Wake Up Sid or Luck by Chance while she does take on the glam look in many frames she never lowers her intelligence.

On Konkana’s birthday let’s I take a walk into world of Wake Up Sid today.

This film came as a pleasant surprise. It was a wonderful attempt by Ayan Mukherjee and showcased a great chemistry between the lead characters Konkana and Ranbir Kapoor.

This coming of age romance drama explored many themes and Konkana’s writer character struck a chord with many young working women.

She was very real but just real enough for the mainstream masala palette.

Everything from her dresses to her demeanour was on point. It was a perfect potrayal of the intelligent simple girl who is not overtly intellectual.

It was such a great delight to see her in this role. I absolutely adored the character and ‘ written peices in the fictional column ‘New girl in the city’.

A unique love story of two unsually paired characters not seen often in Bollywood when it was first released.

Aisha Banerjee, Konkana’s character in the film with her wide kohl lined eyes and  her determination to make it on her own was delightful. Aisha is every young girl and women’s hero.

She was a guide book to those making it on their own. She took up a dilapidated place and converted it into a lovely abode. Something that a lot of people living away from home can take a hint from. The many phases she goes through and lives, learns but most importantly loves.

Not the character Sid, but herself first. She is in awe of her suave boss played by the handsome Akshay Khanna. But when she finds that he doesn’t get her at all she doesn’t wallow in self pity but rather moves on. That is the epitome of self love.

She was learning about life. Yet she had a clear sense of boundaries about what she wanted or not. Such clarity is something to be desired.

Thank you Konkona Sharma for giving us Aisha Banerjee with your own special persona and performance.

I have always preferred Konkana in middle-of-the-road cinema. It her most real avatar since then it’s relatable.

Happy Birthday Konkana!

I know you have more new characters to explore. Though I hope as a return gift to your fans on your birthday there is a little more of the Aisha kind of gal still to come from you.

The ‘New Girl in the city’ will never get old,any birthday, any year.