Indian GDP: Fast growth of the emerging super power

The good news from the periphery of the GDP displays the timely arrival of Modi in 2014.

India’s fast Gross Domestic Product now expects global elevation in  the years to come. The latest report of the quarter shows its pace. The official figures report that around  13.5% growth in the April to June quarter of this year predicts greater hopes.

The staticians hold that India is whooshing towards the top place as the world’s fastest-growing large economy. Another exhilarating news already a good sign towards this with India replacing Britain the world’s Fifth Biggest Economy.

With the positive overview, the current financial year ending in March 2023 is likely to grow more and might also break a record.

Reasons to be optimistic are many. Looking at the capacity utilization in Indian manufacturing we find it hitting 75% recently which is considered to be the highest in the last ten years.

There are also hopes that the debilitated private sector investment being the problem plaguing the Indian macro-economy may also find a way to be flow-rich now.