Navratri 2022: Know All About Our Nine Day Long Festival

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Navaratri is here which is also known as Shaardeeya Navratri, that means the Navratri which falls in the months of winter.

Here is everything we would want to know about this nine-day festival in India and around the world.

The Shaardeeya Navaratri begins from Ashwin Shukla Paksha’s Navami til the Pratipada, Shaardeeya Navratri and that is where we observe the last Vrat (fasting) of the festival.

This is Sanathan Dharma’s one of the four major festivals which is celebrated with much fervor all across India by Hindus.

This nine-day festival belongs to deity Durga who is addressed as Maa Durga by Hindus.  The winter festival dedicated to Maa Durga goes on for nine days with the pooja of her nine avatars.

Today is the first day of the Navratri festival and on the day one we put Kalash or Ghatsthapna. That signifies the advent of the deity at our place.

Navratri It is intended for worshipping nine avtars of Maa Durga who are known as Navdurga. The Sanskrit word Navratri signifies ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit. There are a total of four Navratris throughout the year which is celebrated by Hindus.

Only two of the Navratris – Chaitra Navaratri and Shaardiya Navaratri witness widespread celebrations not only in India but also around the world by Hindus.

The celebration of the holy-days follow great fanfare across the nation with distinct traditions across different states. In the year 2022 our Navratri will last nine days as always from today on September 26 to the  concluding ninth day on 05 October 2022.

Maa Durga is the main incarnation of Maa Parvati. During these nine days  Maa Durga’s devotees worship nine incarnations of the deity in order to obtain her blessings every day. The manifestation of Maa Durga is seen each day of Navratri with a new form.

During the 9 days of the Navratri festival devotees maintain ritualistic fasts reciting her names and shlokas dedicated to each goddess each day. They wear new clothing, offer her sweets which is called bhog.

The devotees clean their homes before inviting and welcoming the deity. In the prayers of the devotees Maa Durga’s favor is asked for with wishes of a life full of prosperous and joys colors.