Super Plan on Chhat Puja by AK Sharma

Today on 27th October, 2022, UP’s City development and Energy Minister, Mr. A.K. Sharma held a virtual meet just after the festivities of Diwali for the forthcoming Chhath Puja.

The meet was about the required preparations for the event such as the cleanliness in the area’s including the damp places, the pothole paths to be re-constructed and lastly the keeping in mind about the Dengue and other communicable diseases being on their widespread recently control measures to be taken for the same.

Mr. A.K. Sharma has asked the department responsible for the cleanliness of the city to double check as there should be no stains of the dirt should be left behind.

He asked the department responsible for the cleanliness of the public restrooms and urinary’s to be kept clean at all times without causing any inconvenience to the fellow devotes.

Department Heads were asked to visit the sites themselves to inspect the work and make sure it is done.

All the Ghats to have an alert safety and security system, have remarkable cleanliness and also it should be will lit so that the devotees should not face any problems.

The Offerings to the Sun God should not be allowed to flow freely by making a separate pot for the offerings.

In this time the rivers are at high flow so keeping that in mind safety nets and barricades to be installed at a safe distance from the shore for the utmost safety of the devotes.

Some extra measures to be taken for the ‘female devotes’ by installing changing rooms at the ghats for their convenience.

To control the spread of mosquito related diseases, the damp places in the city to be cleared up and roads to be reconstructed those facing cracks and potholes.

People do not have any problem in commuting, to make sure this the streets need to free of potholes as soon as possible.