Infosys Is A Msg For All: ‘We are happy with Work From Home!’

The Infosys sends across a message in favor of the work from home. It says, it will not end work from home and the current approach is working good work.

The statement from the software giant Infosys may not prove to be fruitful for others but it is best regarded by the employees in and outside the field of technology.

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh says that they are satisfied with the work received through the post-Corona tradition -work from home. The  company is going to continue with its flexible approach towards the work from home style of work.

On one hand Byju’s is reducing 75% of workforce in cost-cutting push in one of its neo-branches, Infosys’ approach of not ending work from home – says the right approach towards the workers’ ease.

Encountering attrition and pressing for talent the IT companies today are opting for a hybrid system. The system allows employees to work from on some days and work in office premises for next fixed number of days in a week.

Being a genius tech giant Infosys has gone a mile ahead in allowing employees to keep working from home with no such fixed number of days in office premises.

Promoting ease of work concept, the India’s second-largest IT services company states that the current system is working well, so there is no need to think in any other direction.