Afghan-Iran-Pakistan Nexus: On sea Heroin capture on way to India

Afghan heroin worth around one thousand two hundred Crore rupees was caught on way to India. The heroin coming to India was on Iranian boat via Pakistan.

Thanks to Indian Navy, the capture also included 6 Iranians’ arrest along with seizing two hundred kilograms of heroin. This was joint operation by Indian Navy which was supported by the Narcotics Control Bureau.

Significantly the caught heroin packets have ‘scorpion’ and ‘dragon’ markings on them. There were two hundred such packets with one kilogram heroin in each in a seven layered packaging.

As par the sources the 200 kg heroin worth around Rs 1,200 Crore are made in Afghanistan which first entered Pakistan, and there an Iranian boat carried it to India and Sri Lanka to be sold. But the plot fell flat when Indian officials intercepted the boat arresting the 6 Iranian nationals today.

After the successful joint operation of Indian Navy and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), on Thursday, the seized consignment was brought to Kochi in Kerala as intimated by Sanjay Kumar Singh, senior NCB officer.

It clearly appears a three nation coordinated drug conspiracy which is shown by the packets having markings and packing specialties unique to cartels in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The officer also revealed that – “Some of these drug packets have  ‘dragon’  seal markings whereas the others have ‘Scorpion’ seal markings.”