Phenomenal Educational drive by CM Shivraj with Bhoomi-Poojan of CM Rise Schools in MP

CM Rise School will be equipped with facilities like modern laboratory, computer lab, smart class, library, art, music, sports and vocational education

Bhopal. October 29, 2022. With Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Bhoomi-Poojan of 69 CM Rise Schools costing Rs.2519 crore 12 lakh in a state-level program in Indore today, a new education-era is kicking off today in Madhya Pradesh.

This is going to be known as a big achievement for the state. Education will be given through smart medium in CM Rise schools and art, music, sports and vocational education will be made available with modern laboratory, computer lab, smart class, library facility. Students from rural areas will also be able to get high quality education in these schools.

The state government has taken a revolutionary decision to start CM Rise School to bring about a radical change in school education. These schools are being launched to make the quality of education even better. Education in the CM Rise School Education will be given from KG onward to class 12th.

Thus a total number of nine thousand ninety five CM Rise Schools will be launched in the state in two phases. In the first phase, 360 schools will be operating at each district and block levels by the year 2024. From the year 2024 to 2031 during the second phase, each CM Rise school will be started in every 10 to 15 km and a total number of eight thousand seven hundred and thirty five schools will be supporting the state education. CM Rise School will aim to bring significant progress in the learning level of the students.

Key Features of CM Rise School

Mainly ten salient features of CM Rise School have been determined. As per them, these schools will have world-class infrastructure, transport facilities, nursery and pre-primary classes, smart classrooms and digital learning, 100% staff and support staff, staff capacity enhancement, well-equipped laboratories, reading rooms, extra-curricular facilities, the need of the 21st century. Accordingly, there will be skill programs, vocational education and parental participation.

Vision, Mission and Values ​​of CM Rise School

CM Rise School aims at building a school community that will foster the ability to deal with difficulties and overall development of all students. Will empower them to contribute to the society and uphold the constitutional values. The state government’s mission in setting up these schools is to create an inclusive and joyful school community that supports development.

In order to motivate the students to become capable and self-reliant in curious and creative work by encouraging skill and integrated holistic learning. At CM Rise School, students will get opportunities and support to move ahead on the path they have chosen through education, to enable them to use their full potential and lead a fulfilling life.