Thanks, Ms Junior Shahid Afridi for waving Indian Tricolor !

Even if for India it does not have that news value, but in Pakistan it is big news today which belongs to the daughter of Shahid Afridi.

The former cricket superstar Shahid Afridi is the one who is the source of the news break. Other cricket stalwarts of Pakistan have been keeping mum over what Shaid’s daughter has done. And with this she has won the millions of hearts in India.

During the previous India-Pakistan match in Dubai, Shahid Afridi’s daughter waved the Tricolour. However people in Pakistan are no way interested to know why she did it.

Shahid Afridi revealed the incident which has now come up as a news in India and as an issue in Pakistan. Shahid was lately busy talking to media people in Islamabad and without any intention he kept on speaking over the incident.

To the Pakistani channel, the former Pakistan skipper revealed that his younger daughter was waving the Tricolour. The reason was heartbreaking for me – there was no Pakistani flag  available at the stadium.