Withdrawal symptoms of Gehlot do not wish to see him retired hurt

The music Rajasthan Congress stalwart Ashok Gehlot is facing now, is all what has done by him. Now he finds him on no-mans land whereas he wants to continue his innings as the Captain of the MLA team in Rajasthan.

Following the Rajasthan Revolt, sensing the deep indignance of the high command, Gehlot flew to Delhi. He had basically nothing to explain to Sonia Gandhi but the option of apologizing was still there as the last help to save his political existence.

Now after his meeting with the Congress chief is over, he has made two big announcements. Though he was Sonia’s choice for the top party job and if the things were the same as before, Gehlot would have been filling up the presidential election nomination form today.

After meeting with the Congress president, Ashok Gehlot late last night, today he clarified many things on the party platform.

As per Gehlot’s statement he offered oology to Sonia Gandhi, and told her that he does not wish to run for Congress president post.

He also took the “moral responsibility” for the rebellion in Rajasthan by the MLAs who were loyal to him. He also left the decision on Sonia to decide his party future. If she wants, he will continue the responsibility of the state as the Chief Minister.

Now apparently Gehlot seems to have managed to hold on to the post of Rajasthan Chief Minister in spite of the huge and embarrassing revolt.

Now after he seems to be safe, the ninety  MLAs loyal to him do not seem to have a secured party future with a fuming high command over their head.

Now after Gehlot a third candidate for Congress president will be nominated with the blessings of the Gandhis by tomorrow which is the last day of the nomination for the president election.