NaPak Breaking: Imran Khan shot in a foiled assassination attempt

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan suffered a bullet shot in a rally at Wazirabad in Pakistan today in the afternoon.

Luckily the bullet shot Imran Khan in his leg. It was an assassination attempt as per the PTI chief’s supporters.

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan was addressing a rally today where the bullet was shot at him. His life is out of danger due to the foiled attempt which also looks like an attempt to scare the popular Pakistani leader.

During the Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf rally at Wazirabad today in Pakistan, the former Prime Minister and founder leader of the PTI, two unknown gunmen opened fire at him. Due to the distance of the speech dais where Imran Khan was standing, the bullet probably missed the aim and shot him at his knee, the officials said.

Media reporters were all standing close to Imran Khan and just after the gun shot, an injured Imran Khan emerged out of his container truck . The injured PTI leader was immediately rushed away from the gathering. He was then admitted to a nearby hospital on a stretcher with strict security around him.

During the incident, it was not a sole firing attempt on Imran Khan, there were many bullets shot by the gunmen injuring many gathered there. Out of this haphazard gun-firing one PTI supporter was killed while many others got hurt. The firing attempt took place when Imran Khan’s long march caravan was about to reach to Allah Wala Chowk in Wazirabad.

Among the people hurt many belong to the Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf party including Faisal Javaid during the PTI’s long march while Imran Khan was busy speaking from the dais over the container. The sudden firing triggered a  stampede. As per the police sources two of the suspects have been arrested. Though the identity of the gunmen has not been so far revealed, the PTI supporters are blaming it on the rival political parties and calling it a planned attempt of assassination.

As per a PTI leader Asad Umar one of the senior party leaders, Ahmad Chattha was in critical condition after getting wounded in the firing.