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public indignance on streets over the murder accused

Another employee at the resort owned by Pulkit Arya in Uttarakhand has come up with fresh allegations. She accused Pulkit Arya of ‘ill-treating’ girls and carrying out ‘dirty work’ at the resort.

There are three things which make the entire case more severe showing the accused as a serial ‘abuser’:

Former employee says Pulkit Arya hurled abuses at her.

Pulkit had invited her to the room at night.

The former employee says the resort seemed fishy.

The other female employees at Pulkit Arya’s resort in Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh were uncomfortable while working on the premises too.

The allegations pertain to the 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari, who worked as a receptionist at Arya’s resort, and was allegedly murdered by Arya, resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar, and another accused named Ankit, alias Pulkit Gupta. The three accused, after being arrested, confessed to the authorities that they had pushed Ankita into a nearby canal after a dispute.

Shreds of evidence and reports suggest that Ankita was asked to provide ‘special services to clients at the resort by Pulkit Arya and she had repeatedly refused to carry out such activities. During a press conference, a former employee, Rishita, of Pulkit Arya’s resort revealed a series of unknown details about the resort.

Rishita said that she worked at the front desk of the resort in between the months May and June Of 2022

She said that Ankita was ill-treated on the premises. “Pulkit Arya tossed really bad abusive words at me,” Rishita said.

She said that Ankit Gupta, another accused in the murder case, brought ‘girls’ to the resort and asked staff members not to enter their details of check-in and check-out.

Rishita said “Pulkit Arya once asked Ankit to send me to his room at night. He wanted me to leave my husband and go to his room,”