Was India going to be an Islamic Country? – The PFI plan fell flat

India was to face dire sequences as per the devastating plan, but in vain

That is what was the plan, though finally fell flat, but this shows the height of conspiracy going on within India.

This was revealed by Maharashtra ATS chief while talking on the PFI plans. He also said that the entire cadre was apprised of the plan and they were asked to get ready for the D-day.

Vineet Agarwal is the chief of  Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) who stunned media with the shocking info. The ATS chief said in oprder to incite people, the PFI used to give  lectures to its cadre. The anti-India outfit  has been telling its chosen participants to keep items for self-defence and these items included bricks and sharp objects on their terraces. This instruction also has been witnessed during many riots in India.

Lately there has been an announcement by the MHA in regard to the PFI ban for five years through a couple of days ago.

The home department of Maharashtra has also issued an order authorising the police commissioners and district magistrates to exercise their powers against the now-banned Popular Front of India. For this the department has used its powers under Section 42 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act to empower the top officials of the state against such anti-India outfits.