A Class on Weight Loss : Workouts are better than medicines

Zumba is always a better option than the weight loss medicines

The people who need to know why the weight-loss medicines are not worth opting for, must go through this article.

People also need to know why such weight-loss medicines are not as prescribed by doctors commonly.

The pursuit is commonly prevalent under the sun. Everyone aspires for a healthier and trimmed  figure. The options for this are wide open. Traditional and trendy workouts, fad diets, “fat-burning” and meal-prepping treatments along with the slimming pills, are the usual practices towards the goal.

As per the 2022 survey by Ipsos, a market research company, around five hundred Singaporeans found interested to be aware about it.

Out of these sample people around thirty nine  cent have gained weight after the Corona Virus outbreak. The increase is almost ten percent per year now.

The wait gain average is also up almost one kilogram in two years. The fact file of the survey also shows that it is not the middle-agers who are growing heavier.

The alarming fact out of the survey shows the age group of 18 to 24 is the one which has the most significant weight gain.

And good thing is that the people who intend to go for a weight loss are more successful through natural work out than the pills and all.

In accordance with the statement of Dr Lee Phong Ching, a senior consultant with Singapore General Hospital’s Endocrinology Department, the unlicensed weight-loss products and ‘slimming pills’ have fatal side effects.