Lunch Hour: Human Motivation guided by the psychological needs

When human actions are concerned, it is believed that they are motivated by our physiological and psychological needs.

In order to explain the fact, hierarchy of needs is something to be considered as the base. How it works, what kind of needs are there and their impact along with the criticisms has to be gone through.

The world renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow says one of the best-known theories of motivation belongs to hierarchy of needs. The theory signifies that there are certain physiological and psychological needs which motivate human progress from fist stage to the final stages being basic to complex form.

In other words, the hierarchy suggests that individuals are motivated to fulfil their basic needs prior to moving on to other, more advanced needs. And this is all about what makes humans happy and what are their acts then to achieve that aim.

In accordance with this revolutionary thought, we have an inborn desire to be self-actualized in order to be all we can be. Nevertheless, a number of more basic needs must be met in order to achieve this ultimate goal. The need for self-esteem , love, safety and food, can be included here.

The physiological needs must also be included here which are too vital for survival, for example – food, water and breathing. It also includes shelter and clothing along with sexual reproduction.

When we talk about the basic security and safety needs, they include -financial security and health and wellness. Thus, finding a job, obtaining health insurance, contributing and maintaining money for a savings account, along with moving and living in a safe neighborhood are a few examples of actions which are motivated by safety and security.