Global Record with Nobel: Sharpless is super sharp with 2 Nobels in 2 decades

Sharpless is the only fifth person in the history of Nobels with two awards in a lifetime

Karl Barry Sharpless is the name of the American chemist who has Two Nobels in two decades under his crown.

Shakespeare is right when he says what is there in the name. Though the surname is Sharpless, but the man is super sharp which has been proved twice in two decades.

Sharpless is the only second sharp person in history who has won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry during the lifetime twice. This time he has been awarded the 2022 Nobel jointly with Morten Meldal and Carolyn R. Bertozzi.

Apart from this, Professor Karl Barry Sharpless is also only the fifth historical figure who has won two Nobels. This year the Stalkhome based global award agency has given away the 2022 Chemistry prize to the three chemists including Sharpless.

The American chemist was associated with Scripps Research, had last time won the Nobel twenty one years ago. In the year 2001 Sharpless received Nobel for his work on Chirally Catalyzed Oxidation Reactions.

The Nobel prize for Chemistry was announced yesterday on 5th of October 2022 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, when the winners’ name of the 2022 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The three chemists have received the global award for their contribution in towards the development of click chemistry and bio-orthogonal chemistry.

While Carolyn R. Bertozzi and Morten Meldal are the first-time recipients of the Nobel, Karl Barry Sharpless won the top science award for the second time in his career. He last won the Nobel in 2001 for his work around chirally catalyzed oxidation reactions.

The excellent contribution by the 2022 Chemistry Nobel winners have been accolade for laying the foundation for the Click Chemistry which is a functional form of chemistry. The three scientists also successfully utilized the Click Chemistry in living organisms.