Turkey Vs Greece: A confused ‘No’ from NATO for mediation

On one hand where the NATO appears to be politicizing Turkey’s belligerence towards its neighborly rival Greece, on the other hand peaceful democracies like India are expected to protect her.

Or is this an obligation for India to protect her? Probably, yes.

An Aegean Sea with the 214,000sqkm periphery lies between Turkey on its east and Greece on its west and. This is what creates the confusion called the Aegean Dispute. With over more than 1400 islands and islets dotting its entire waters has become a bone of contention between the two countries.

The un-answered question of sovereignty and other concerned rights in the area of the Aegean Sea creates a long-drawn dispute here. Controversial issues between the two countries are about a set of interrelated long time confusions.

Now being the NATO member, Greece and Turkey do not have any other proper mediation for a possible solution. The NATO and America also do not see any possibility of a naval clash out of the dispute. Henceforth they have politicized the dispute which they had done in the case of Kashmir. This act suits their policy and perception too.

Turkey government is prepared to take necessary action if Greece tries to extend its right to 12 nautical miles on the territorial waters. It has also announced that if Greece extends the territorial waters’ borders, it is going to have a control over around two-thirds of the Aegean Sea. This will be considered as depriving Turkey of its primary access to international waters as well as trader routes.